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What Is Infusion Therapy & What Does It Treat?

Infusion therapy is a broad term that describes the intravenous (IV) method of administration.

What Does Ketamine Feel Like During Infusions?

Although ketamine has been an FDA-approved anesthetic since the 1960s, its use as a street drug has led to a mischaracterization of its side effects.
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What an existential crisis is and how to power through it?

Have you ever heard of the term existential crisis? Sometimes, this term is thrown around jokingly, but an existential crisis is no laughing matter.
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What are the symptoms of high functioning depression?

When you think about depression, what do you picture? Do you picture emotions that are hidden away or out in the open?
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What to consider and know about mobile IV therapy?

When looking at mobile IV therapy, there are several factors to consider: Is it safe? Is it effective? Can the IV treatment be done at home?
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How Ketamine can be helpful for those with PTSD?

Many people assume post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) only occurs in the military. While soldiers do experience higher rates of PTSD, it’s not only limited to them.